About Us


We are a Swedish based company that focus on bringing professional teeth whitening to everyone. With our revolutionary product VITAWHITE PEN. Our product is approved by EU and we follow all EU requirement. We hold GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) from our factory in Germany. We also are approved by the Swedish Medical Agency.


Its a pen that contains teeth whitening gel, vitamins and proactive ingredients that helps keep your teeth healthy. Read more


EliteSmile Vitamin’s & Xylitol + Whitening Pen To GO! Prevents holes (cavities) and strengthens your teeth! Up to 8 shades whiter, 60 treatments. It is a revolution in dental hygiene and in cosmetic products. It works great for those who want to get rid of stains, whiten teeth while at the same time repair and strengthen teeth. It contains fluoride xylitol which makes teeth stronger with each treatment. Elite Smile meets all EU requirements and contains the same enamel safe ingredient used by dentists around the world.


  • Prevents tooth decay, as the bacteria that cause tooth decay can not use xylitol as nutrition.
  • Prevents plaque growth and slows down discoloration to teeth.
  • Repairs already incurred enamel damage (remineralisation)
  • Strengthens the mouth’s own defense mechanisms
  • Increases saliva flow and helps with dry mouth.
  • Prevents bleeding gums and tooth loss
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Breath Freshener (zinc)
  • Easy application: brush directly on your teeth after brushing , food or coffee diner
  • Bleaching your teeth at home
  • Easy to carry everywhere
  • Up to 8 shades whiter
  • Approximately 60 strokes / Treatments
  • Elite Smile White White Pen is very gentle on enamel and teeth
  • Taste: Spearmint