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Elitesmile Professional Teeth Whitening

Elitesmile Professional Teeth Whitening

We at EliteSmile know that everyone wants pearly white teeth. So from the get go we set out to create the best teeth whitening/caring product. After 3 years of research and development can we now present Elitesmile Teeth Whitening VitaWhite Pen. It contains Whitening gel in combination with Vitamin C & D, Xylitol and Zinc for a refreshing breath and beautiful smile.VitaWhite pen not only gives you pearly white teeth but also protects and boost your gum against bacteria, plaque, caries and cavities. Elitemile offers a range of innovative teeth whitening product. Our focus is to produce safe to use, effective and easy to use product. We test all our teeth whitening products thru testing houses and always approve them thrus the appropriate medical agencies. That is why we offer today the best and safest Teeth Whitening Product on the market.

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